Call for Hearing Test & Consultation


What is Hearing Loss?

Hearing Loss is when there is a problem with one or both ears. Hearing Loss can be categorised into two categories: Type of Hearing Loss and Degree of Hearing Loss.

What is an Audiologist?

An audiologist is the professional who specializes in evaluating and treating people with hearing loss. Audiologists have extensive training and skills to evaluate the hearing of adults, infants and children of all ages.


We encourage our customers to call-in for Hearing Test appointment. Hearing Consultation will be conducted privately by Audiologist after Hearing Test. Hearing aid trial will be recommanded if hearing problem has been identified.


OHS is Phonak and Siemens authorised supplier. Hearing aids will be recommended if hearing problems are detected after a hearing test. We offer a range of quality hearing devices which suit best for customer’s needs and budget.